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What’s This?

What’s this, indeed. “This” is a lot of words—plus the occasional picture—about something that’s either beyond words or at least traveling along parallel tracks.

Qi, or chi, is what the Chinese call life energy. It can be experienced in many different ways—as warmth, tingling, or perhaps a certain density, or presence, or pressure, perhaps even as expansiveness or euphoria. It billows and flows, or it doesn’t; it’s strong or it’s faint or maybe you can’t feel it at all—but it’s still there, always with you. However, it can’t be isolated and scientifically examined and described, or at least it hasn’t been so far.

Writing about such a thing is problematic. It may even be counter-productive. A purist would say we should all pull the plugs on our computers, shut off the flow of words into our overly analytical minds and just go practice qigong—qigong being the Chinese word for cultivating qi. Continue reading


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