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As I was beginning to think about what to write for today’s post, my friend Karl asked if I planned to post the speech I’m giving tomorrow at the Institute of Qigong and Integrative Medicine’s 2013 Conference “Empower Yourself With Energy-Based Integrative Healthcare.”

I wasn’t—I’m planning to write about another conference presentation—but I realized my speech about why I do qigong would be just the right length and certainly an appropriate topic for a post. And it was already written!

Karl and I agreed that it would be a bit tacky to post my speech before giving it just because today is my regular post day—hence this placeholder post. I’ll post the actual speech tomorrow.

Its title: “What’s a Sensible Girl Like Me Doing at an Event Like This?”


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  1. Excellent idea…especially after hearing it in rehearsal this morning. I will be a treat to hear it again tomorrow at the event and to read it next week. Nice going, Barbara.

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