A Word on Permanence

Source points in ink

Source points in ink

This isn’t exactly breaking news, but I can now confidently report that while Sharpie Permanent Markers may be permanent on fabric and many other surfaces, they are not permanent on human flesh, or at least not on my human flesh.

Actually, I had really hoped to report that they are no more permanent on human flesh than kids’ “washable” markers. At Christmas, my grandsons used washable markers to draw mustaches on their faces, and it took several washings for them to come off. Could permanent markers have been any worse?

To find out, I drew the three dots on my inner wrist that you see in the accompanying photograph. The outer two were made with permanent marker; the center one, with washable marker. All three dots mark source points of acupuncture meridians, which, as you may recall from previous posts, I am trying to get to know.

When I took a soapy washcloth to my wrist, all three were gone before I could stop myself to take an “after” photo – but I think the middle, “washable” one was gone first.

I conclude two things:

1) My grandsons probably weren’t trying very hard to wash off their mustaches.

2) I can mark myself up as often as I like as I try to learn and experience the precise whereabouts of my meridians.

One technique for discovering one’s meridians, which I described six weeks ago, calls for focusing on the source points for the 12 organ meridians, all of which are located on or near the wrists or ankles. I’ve put Xes on my wrists several times now; I haven’t gotten to my ankles yet.

I’m also toying with the idea of getting naked and drawing in the entire pathway of each meridian, or at least all the parts of the pathways I can reach, giving each meridian its own color. This would surely facilitate my cognitive of learning of where the meridians go, although I don’t know if it would help me experience them energetically.

I haven’t done it because I’m a bit worried about what chemicals I might be absorbing through my skin from the marker ink.

But it does sound kinda fun….

PS There’s a black spot on the washcloth I used to scrub off the dots.

WARNING: My daughter just read this post, and she says the boys did try hard to scrub the washable marker mustaches off their faces, and she tried, too.

Maybe my skin is different than theirs, or maybe I didn’t leave the washable marker dot on my wrist long enough for it to set, or maybe the dot washed off easily because I used a purple washable marker instead of a black one. I don’t know. I do know I have successfully washed off black Sharpie Permanent Marker dots and lines after hours and even a couple of days.

But please, before you get wild and crazy decorating yourself with either washable or permanent markers, try something small and not too prominent or bizarre first to see how easy the ink will be to remove from your skin.


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2 responses to “A Word on Permanence

  1. Ha! maybe you Qi’d the point marks off yourself…after all, internal detoxification is related to Qi levels, together with the fact that Qi is prominent at acu-points. Just a humorous thought…


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