Getting Off to a Good Start…

Good morning?

Good morning?

It’s curious what rituals we establish in our lives—even when we are quite certain that we’re not into rituals and don’t have any.

Not long ago I heard a spiritual/motivational speaker say that first thing every morning, she goes outdoors to connect with nature and get herself aligned with who she is and what she wants to make of her day. She said it was her morning ritual.

I thought about my own morning ritual:

Get up; go to the bathroom to do the things which must be done; go to the kitchen to multi-task washing my dishes and the cats’ dishes from the day before with making tea and fending off the cats, who are certain that they need to be fed immediately—and never mind the fact that there’s dry food in their bowl so they cannot possibly be starving.

I did not plan this to be the way I would begin my days; it just evolved. As do, I suspect, most of the rituals of our lives, the everyday rituals—some might call them habits—that way outnumber the big-deal rituals connected with holidays.

I decided I could do better.

I decided that I would do the dishes the night before, so that feeding the cats and making my tea would be quick and easy and I could go outside and sit on my stoop and drink my tea and listen to the birds and the fountain in the bird bath and get myself squared away.

I did this a couple of times. Then it rained, so I drank my tea inside.

And then the contractor who is going to paint my house found dry rot in the rim joist behind the concrete stoop—a rim joist being a 2×10-inch piece of lumber that you definitely do not want to have dry rot in because it helps support your house. The dry rot was depressing; my stoop was a mess—and now I am waiting for the painting to begin.

But I have continued doing the cats’ dishes and my dishes at night, and I have found that my mornings feel more spacious. This morning I got out a spiral-bound notebook—a wonderful notebook with a photo of the two grandsons who gave it to me on the cover—and I made a first entry in what will be my Book of Daily Intentions. Today’s entry includes keeping my body aligned and energetically aware, communicating with awareness of my heart—and doing some qigong tonight by the light of the moon.

It does seem important to begin one’s day in the best possible way….

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