Y’all Come: Qigong Classes This Fall

for blog face and handsMother Nature may yet throw us a curve ball, but it definitely feels like fall is coming. My body thinks so; my garden thinks so; my newspaper is full of ads for back-to-school supplies. And so it’s time to write about the qigong classes I’ll be teaching in Redmond, WA this fall.

I’ll be teaching two types of qigong—Taiji Qigong at the Redmond Senior Center and Yi Ren Qigong, Level I, in the classroom at the Vitamin Life store on Redmond Way. I’ll also be giving a free presentation at Vitamin Life at noon on Saturday, Sept. 13, during which I’ll talk about qigong in general and Taiji Qigong and Yi Ren Qigong in particular.

Some details on all of the above:

Free public presentation on qigong at Vitamin Life in Redmond, noon to 2 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 13:

I’ll explain what qigong is and why I think it’s worth doing. And we’ll do some Yi Ren Qigong, since qigong should be experienced, not just talked about. Vitamin Life is at 15830 Redmond Way—and there’s no need to pre-register for this presentation; just come.

Taiji Qigong (aka Shibashi Taiji Qigong) at Redmond Senior Center, ongoing classes, 6 p.m. Tuesdays and 10 a.m. Wednesdays:

Taiji Qigong is a relaxing, flowful system of qigong based on Yang-style taiji. It consists of 18 movements which I bookend with an energetic warm-up and close-down and accompany with music.

I started teaching Taiji Qigong four years ago when I was teaching Yang-style taiji at my church. People would come to my class wanting the health and relaxation benefits of taiji, but they would realize they’d have to come pretty much every week for at least a year to learn the form front to back. A lot of people didn’t have the space in either their schedules or their psyches to make that kind of commitment, so I began offering Taiji Qigong as an alternative.

You can do Taiji Qigong the very first class you attend because the movements are simple and done multiple times. But the more times you do it, the more you can let your head chatter subside and relax into the movements. And the longer I teach it, the more I appreciate how thoughtfully constructed it is, and how deep it can be.

I currently teach two Taiji Qigong classes at Redmond Senior Center on an ongoing basis—one from 6 p.m. to about 7:30 p.m. Tuesdays and the other from 10 a.m. to about 11:30 a.m. Wednesdays—and those classes will continue in the fall.

You register a month at a time—and you don’t have to be a senior to participate, only 18 or older! The cost per four-Wednesday month is $25 for seniors and Redmond residents and $30 for non-residents; single session rates are also available.

For information or to register, call the Senior Center at 425-556-2314.

Yi Ren Qigong, Level I, at Vitamin Life in Redmond, 6:30 p.m. Thursdays.

Yi Ren Qigong offers a systematic approach to developing awareness of qi in the body’s energy centers and acupuncture meridians, and to building and circulating that energy. It is a complex system, with three basic levels, which I am certified to teach, and many advanced classes offered by Dr. Guan-Cheng Sun at the Institute of Qigong and Integrative Medicine (IQIM) of Bothell.

With Yi Ren Qigong, there’s a lot to learn—but practicing Yi Ren Qigong can lead to deep relaxation and a sense of well-being that borders on joy. Over time, it will enhance your health and help you get beyond your words-and-logic mind to connect with your body and the world in a new way.

I could produce many more words about Yi Ren Qigong—after all, my Yi Ren Qigong practice has fueled pretty much weekly posts to this blog for more than a year and a half—but let’s get to the details of the Level I class I’m teaching in Redmond this fall.

It will be divided into two parts:

“Introduction to Level I” will be from 6:30 to 7:45 p.m. Thursdays, Sept. 18-Oct. 9 (4 weeks); the cost is $25. The class will deal with relaxing the mind into the body and exploring the body’s qi-energy system. It’s an opportunity to get a taste of Yi Ren Qigong without committing to a 12-week program. You can register at qifrontier@hotmail.com, at the free public talk on Sept. 13, or at the first session on Sept. 18.

“Completion of Level I” will be from 6:30 to 7:45 p.m. Thursdays, Oct. 16-Dec. 11 (8 weeks; no class on Thanksgiving); the cost will be $80. This class will include the foundational Yi Ren Qigong exercises for activating, cultivating, grounding and circulating the body’s internal energy. “Introduction to Level I” or other Yi Ren Qigong experience is a prerequisite. You can register in person at the end of the “Introduction” series of classes or, if you already have Yi Ren experience and don’t want to take the Introduction, through qifrontier@hotmail.com.

Vitamin Life is at 15830 Redmond Way, in the QFC shopping center.

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