What’s in a Stone?

Stone vs. stone vs. black lingerie

Stone vs. stone vs. black lingerie

I showed my new pendant, a silver-rimmed disc of Brazilian Rainforest jasper, to my friend Donna, who loves gemstones and believes they have healing properties. She cupped it in her hands, held it to her heart and said “Ooo, this has nice energy.”

What did she feel? I know she felt something, because Donna’s not one to make things up. But what was it that she felt? Might I be able to feel it, too?

I like the stone in my pendant. I think it has a certain depth, as well as qualities of both ocean and forest—all for $10 at Ben Franklin. But do I like it because of how it looks or because of some additional property which Donna labeled “nice energy?”

Might the stone’s “nice energy” be helpful to me in some way? I know Donna thinks so.

I own another blue-green pendant, a turquoise pendant that belonged to my mother. In an attempt to develop my “gemstone energy awareness,” I set the two pendants side by each to see if I could observe differences between them. In the jasper pendant, I sensed depth one could lose oneself in, and comfort, and connection to the earth. In the turquoise—well, that’s complicated, because the pendant belonged to my mother. I think, though, that if I were wearing the turquoise pendant I might feel fiercely protected, but not necessarily nourished. It seems rather a cold stone.

Looking for validation of my observations, I went online to see what others have to say about the energetic properties of the two gemstones. I found many sites and a certain amount of agreement among them. Here’s what “Charms of Light” says about my two blue-green pendant stones:

Jasper’s qualities: Relaxation, contentment, compassion, nurturing, consolation, tranquility, healing, completion. OK. That sort of fits with my feelings about my Brazilian Rainforest jasper pendant.

Turquoise’s qualities: Purification, serenity, protection, wisdom, balance, strength, friendship, love, positive thinking, sensitivity. Well, I did feel protection, but I didn’t pick up on any of the other positive attributes “Charms of Light” says can be found in turquoise.

Next I looked up my other three other gemstone pendants, all donut-shaped, one onyx, one pyrite and one black agate, on the “Charms of Light” web site:

Onyx: Strength, stamina, constancy, permanence, firmness, durability, self-control.

Pyrite: Intelligence, mental stability, logic, creativity, psychic development, memory, practicality, optimism, channeling abilities, learning and perception.

Agate: Love, abundance, wealth, good luck, longevity, acceptance, courage and strength, protection, security, safety, balance, harmony, generosity, appreciation of nature.

Wow! I guess with gemstones you can’t lose. All the stones have positive energetic qualities—which is a good thing since, in truth, the stone I’ll likely choose to wear will be the one that goes with my outfit.

Does wearing one of these pendants make me feel any different? Yes, in some ways.

I wear the stones on cords or chains such that the stone lies against the hollow area of my breastbone. Wearing one of them feels like wearing the breastplate of a suit of armor—and it’s my little secret that I’m wearing armor, which is kind of fun and also kind of like being Linus with his blankie. I’ve also noticed that size matters. The black agate donut is half the size of the pyrite and onyx donuts—which is what you get from ordering online and failing to note actual rather than apparent dimensions; it seems so dinky that I will probably never wear it.

But if wearing the pendants makes me feel somehow stronger, is this because of subtle energies in the stones or because of my reaction to their surface appearance—which, of course, was my question many paragraphs ago.

Women often say that wearing lacy black lingerie makes them feel sexy.

I asked Donna whether lacy black lingerie might have sexual energy in the same way that jasper might have energies of tranquility, nurturing and healing. After all, lacy black lingerie is ultimately energy, just as gemstones are, just as all matter is.

She said she didn’t think so. She doesn’t believe that lingerie is alive in the same way that gemstones are.

In qigong we sometimes say that the difference between a living human being and a corpse is that the living human being has qi, or life energy. Do gemstones have qi, or some variant thereof?

I guess what it comes down to is that different things are different and the energy that is them is different, and we language-users are stuck with finding the right words to use to describe our perception of that energy.

I could impress others and myself with my sensitivity to energies by saying that my jasper pendant has “nice energy.” That would be honest enough, since the energy that is the jasper pendant causes me to feel “yes” instead of “yuk,” but it might not be the same thing as what Donna means by “nice energy”—a problem which, come to think of it, applies to our use of many other words, words like happy, busy and god.

Donna believes that if I hold my jasper pendant while in a meditative state and ask within myself what I sense, over time I will come to feel something deeper, more subtle, than what I feel now—and something more alive than if I sat there meditating over lacy black lingerie.

I have a feeling she might be right…..



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