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Going to the Gallows….

I await my second EEG two days from now. The first one, a couple of weeks ago, showed “possible multifocal spikes,” which my neurologist says would mean I am prone to having seizures.

He said I could try medication, but I declined. The spells I’ve described in two previous posts occurred over a 5-month period, and, particularly if they were way-stations on my qigong journey, I may never have another one. If I’m taking medication and never have another one, how will I ever know if it was the medication or the never-would-have-had-another-one?

The neurologist also said he wanted me to have another EEG, presumably on account of the “possible” part of “possible multifocal spikes.” I have always been a believer in “more information,” so I said yes, even though it’s been almost two weeks since my last EEG, and the places on my forehead that the technician sandpapered for good electrode adherence are still visible.

I will have this second EEG in two days. I feel like I am going to the gallows. I considered googling “how can I game an EEG?” until I realized how incredibly silly that would be. Actually, I could probably foil the EEG by drinking a good stiff cup of coffee before the test—caffeine is forbidden because they want you to fall asleep—but I won’t. No one’s forcing me to have this EEG; it’s for my own benefit. Right?

Actually, I’m not sure about that. On the one hand I engage in a practice, qigong, which I know changes the brain, and those changes to my brain might sometimes take place in lurches that would manifest as “spells”; on the other hand, my father had seizures, so I might be predisposed—and then there’s that area in the middle where qigong might have particular effects on a seizure-prone brain. Could an EEG sort all these options out? Continue reading


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