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Why Is My Qi Running Amok?

It appears that qi is running loose in my body, doing what it will without regard for my conscious mind’s wishes, timetable or understanding—indeed, it seems to be running amok.

This would explain the events that I’ve written about in recent months, events that have been officially characterized as “spells.” It would also explain some more recent phenomena which I’m not calling spells and haven’t reported to my neurologist because they seem so clearly to be energy events and because they have not been accompanied by cognitive shifts.

Among the non-spell phenomena are what I refer to as “balance issues” when speaking with outsiders and as “internal energy swoopiness” when talking with friends who practice qigong. Also included are the periodic uprisings of sexual energy about which I speak only with qigong friends.

Yesterday, both of these phenomena occurred.

First came the balance/swoopiness-related event.

I was in my kitchen, doing kitchen things, when I paused and felt a wave of softness descend downward from my lower back. It was lovely, and I was thrilled. The same thing had happened a few days previous, and I was thrilled then, too. My qi was sinking instead of swooping!

In recent months, internal swoopiness has become the bane of my taiji practice. Balance was never my strong suit, largely because of creeping scoliosis and poor alignment of body parts. But even as my alignment has been improving, thanks to a lot of hard work, my ability to do the kicks required in the form has been declining.

This internal swoopiness is a bit like the way you feel when you’re back on land after having been on a boat, where things are going up and down inside but not outside; sometimes, especially when I’m tired or a taiji class is stressful, I’m feeling so much internal roiling that I’m amazed I don’t simply fall over.

Taiji people all say I need to relax and sink my qi, although it is hard to relax given how hard I am working to maintain proper alignment.

My own view has been that my difficulty grounding might have to do with the lack of energetic sensations in my legs and feet—I used to refer to them as my dead zone—and I’ve been addressing this on many fronts for quite a while. Success has begun to come, albeit in small increments. I can now feel energy moving up and down my legs as I inhale up from my feet and exhale down through my sacrum to the earth. But I still can’t stick a kick. Continue reading

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A Gud Book I Red….

Book Energy WorkWriting a “book report” for my blog is terribly schoolish—but it’s good because it makes me go back through the book, take a look at all the things I underlined or asterisked, and figure out what I want to incorporate in my memory and my life.

So yes, this post is a book report about Robert Bruce’s “Energy Work: The Secrets of Healing and Spiritual Growth,” which I really liked.

It is somehow so practical and so sincere. Bruce believes that we can all become aware of and develop our energy body, “energy body” being a term many writers prefer to leave shrouded in mystery. Bruce, however, clearly states that our energy body consists of the biomagnetic fields resulting from the bioelectrical activity of all of the cells in the body. He also believes that we are all capable of learning to use our energy for self-healing and healing of others.

He describes a method he has developed for doing this that involves techniques I’ve not encountered before—things like brushing and bouncing and wrapping. His system utilizes tactile imaging, rather than visualization, which he says most people can’t do, which turns them off from trying to do energy work. Tactile imaging involves focusing your awareness on a specific area of your body and moving that focus around, thereby stimulating the energy body. Actually, since my brain does not do pictures, I think this is what I do anyway, and it’s nice to have that affirmed.

Bruce also says that the strong sensations one experiences at first will always abate, as the body gets used to them—which I’ve certainly noticed and been disappointed by. I still remember the first time I felt qi between my hands, with my right hand being sucked towards my left. I always use the word “sucked” because the feeling was so distinct, so strong—but it doesn’t happen anymore and I cannot make it happen. Continue reading

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The Rash That Was … Was Qigong?

rash on neckWahoo. Chalk up another mark in the column that says that the “spells” I’ve experienced in recent months are essentially events related to my qigong practice and not the product of an aging, inherently flaky brain.

I have just realized that the rash that accompanied my first spell, a rash that I viewed as incidental and promptly forgot about, was really a pretty clear sign that I was clearing energy, not having a stroke.

When I had that spell, back in mid-August, I had been visiting a friend when my mind suddenly went spacey and something gripped the back of my neck and wouldn’t leave. Something seemed very wrong but I didn’t know what, so I went to the ER, had a bunch of tests, and was pronounced fine except for a neck ache, for which I was given a set of neck exercises. However, at one point, the physician assistant in charge of the process asked me if I always had a rash on the back of my neck.

I said, “What rash?” He tried to show me in a mirror but then said it would be easier if he just took a picture of it with my cell phone. I did indeed have a red, blotchy rash on my neck.

By the time I got home, it was gone, as were all my other symptoms. And somehow, I sort of forgot about the rash.

But I have been reading Robert Bruce’s book “Energy Work” (about which I will probably soon write a “book report”).

In “Energy Work,” Bruce describes how releasing negative energy or clearing blockages in the energy body can cause rashes and lumps of various sorts, even skin infections.

Wow. My mind went to the photo of my neck, which I had seen just two days earlier when I was looking through my cell phone photos with my grandsons. Continue reading


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