The Rash That Was … Was Qigong?

rash on neckWahoo. Chalk up another mark in the column that says that the “spells” I’ve experienced in recent months are essentially events related to my qigong practice and not the product of an aging, inherently flaky brain.

I have just realized that the rash that accompanied my first spell, a rash that I viewed as incidental and promptly forgot about, was really a pretty clear sign that I was clearing energy, not having a stroke.

When I had that spell, back in mid-August, I had been visiting a friend when my mind suddenly went spacey and something gripped the back of my neck and wouldn’t leave. Something seemed very wrong but I didn’t know what, so I went to the ER, had a bunch of tests, and was pronounced fine except for a neck ache, for which I was given a set of neck exercises. However, at one point, the physician assistant in charge of the process asked me if I always had a rash on the back of my neck.

I said, “What rash?” He tried to show me in a mirror but then said it would be easier if he just took a picture of it with my cell phone. I did indeed have a red, blotchy rash on my neck.

By the time I got home, it was gone, as were all my other symptoms. And somehow, I sort of forgot about the rash.

But I have been reading Robert Bruce’s book “Energy Work” (about which I will probably soon write a “book report”).

In “Energy Work,” Bruce describes how releasing negative energy or clearing blockages in the energy body can cause rashes and lumps of various sorts, even skin infections.

Wow. My mind went to the photo of my neck, which I had seen just two days earlier when I was looking through my cell phone photos with my grandsons.

My qigong teacher Dr. Guan-Cheng Sun had talked about getting rashes and lumps when he did energy work, but frankly, I pretty much took it with a grain of salt.

And I failed to connect what he had said about his rashes with my own rash—although, in my defense, the other things that were happening had pretty fully captured my attention.

But the photo remains, and it seems pretty clear to me now that the rash was connected with the mental spaciness and the feeling of something gripping my neck, something similar to what I experience as qi.

At the time, I thought I might be having a stroke or something similarly dire. But now I’m thinking that having gone to the ER was pointless—although I might never have realized I had a rash on the back of my neck if I hadn’t—and that my “spell” was simply part of my qigong journey.

But if the energy that gripped my neck and the accompanying rash meant that I was clearing out some negative energy or energetic blockage, and also signified progress in my qigong journey, as Dr. Sun has suggested, I really have no idea what I cleared or how I have progressed.

Sigh. That seems to be the way it is….


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4 responses to “The Rash That Was … Was Qigong?

  1. Not my rashes, at least I don’t think so. I have probably mentioned Dr. Sun’s rashes before. BB

  2. Nick Lape

    Glad things are turning out well. What an interesting turn of events. I seldom hear of anything but the positive effects of qigong and tai chi but it makes sense that the body would do some sort of purging as it balances and repairs itself.

    Such an interesting blog

  3. karlthunemann

    Nice post. I’d leave a comment but it’s too daunting.Have you ever written about rashes before? Karl

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