A Doubter’s Journey

Qi: My Final Frontier
Tales from a Doubter’s Journey
Barbara Brachtl

Introduction – The Rocky Road to Having Written

Chapter 1 – The Moment That Changed Everything

Chapter 2 – The Search

Chapter 3 – Level I: Where Feeling is Believing

Chapter 4 – About Those “Lower” Organs….

Chapter 5 – Level II: The Rivers Connecting the Organs

Chapter 6 – Dr. Sun’s Amazing Seminars

Chapter 7 – Should I Teach?

Chapter 8 – The Massage

Chapter 9 – A Change of Brain

Chapter 10 – Level III: More Meridians, More Qi Whooshing About

Chapter 11 – The Herbal Solution

Chapter 12 – On to Needles

Chapter 13 – A Qigong Valentine

Chapter 14 – Getting Guidance from the Yi Jing

Chapter 15 – The Bottom Line

Chapter 16 – The Path to the Frontier

Appendix – Learning Chinese in my Car

Recounted here are the first two years of my pursuit of something I once thought was a figment of other people’s imaginations–qi, sometimes called chi or the energy of life.

My journey began when I felt something between my hands that was unlike anything I’d ever felt before.

In that moment a door opened into a world where feeling is believing and thinking–the chatter, chatter, chatter of the little voice in one’s head–is not the better part of being.

4 responses to “A Doubter’s Journey

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  3. Lovely, Barbara. Sounds like we’ve started in very similar places. Looking forward to more.

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