Chapter 16 – The Path to the Frontier

Brendan and Dr. Sun have both said that qigong is not a religion and does not conflict with any religion.

I suppose this is true, although there are churches that oppose yoga and meditation, and I doubt they’d like qigong either.

However, I’d argue that while qigong may not be a religion, it is definitely a spiritual path.

Not that I am all that comfortable talking about spiritual paths. The words “spiritual” and “spirituality” still make me as nervous as the word qi used to.

And yet, what other words will do? How else to describe some of the experiences I’ve had. I continue to be grateful and amazed that I am beginning to feel the energy that is everything. Recently, I went outdoors after doing qigong and noticed a quality to the colors of the flowers and the shapes of the clouds that I hadn’t seen before. There was a clarity, an intensity, a liveness. Perhaps a spirit-ness? Oh, my.

I want to experience more of this, and I want to share it with others. What could be more worth sharing?

But how to proceed?

I have worked really hard at qigong. Probably too hard. Perhaps it is now time to lighten up a little and spend more time looking at the flowers and the clouds and walking in the woods with my awareness grounded to the earth.

Midway through writing this book, I found a passage in Roger Jahnke’s book, “The Healing Promise of Qi,” that I had loved and marked when I first read it.

It was a quote from one of his teachers who was quoting one of her teachers. I decided I wanted to use it to open the book—only the last sentence didn’t seem to fit with what I had to say, so I left it off.

Here is a full quotation of the quote within the quote, including the last sentence, which I omitted the first time:

“When you find the Qi it will amaze you. When you cultivate Qi you will discover something new every day. Some of what you discover will be realizations about nature and your surroundings. And some of what you discover will be revelations of the inner realm and your own true nature. It will be simple and practical, so just relax and have some fun.” — Roger Jahnke, “The Healing Promise of Qi,” McGraw-Hill, 2002

It may be time for me to relax and have some fun, time to let go of my obsessive pursuit of qi and just be with qi.

Ironically, this is precisely what qigong may be helping me accomplish. It may be helping me move out of the confines of my logical, analytical intellectual mind into greater contact with the more relaxed “being” parts of my brain.

We shall see….

Some may find it depressing that I named this book “Qi: My Final Frontier.” The word “final” makes some people nervous.

But I feel incredibly fortunate to have found a frontier at the age of 70, when so many stages of my life have ended—and especially to have found a frontier as vast as qi. Which—who knows?—may be as vast as space itself.

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2 responses to “Chapter 16 – The Path to the Frontier

  1. Thank you, Nick. It’s quite a journey we’re both on, and it’s nice to hear from fellow travelers. I wish you well. Yours, Barbara

  2. Nick Lape

    I enjoyed reading these chapters very much. Such honest and clear writing and very help for imy qigong/tai chi journey

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