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A Serendipity…

NOTE: Registration is open for the Yi Ren Qigong Level I class I’m teaching at Bellevue College starting April 7. For details, see UPCOMING CLASSES at right.

I have been laboring over a post on the concept of soul, and I woke up this morning muttering to myself about what makes me think I have anything worth saying about something which has already been the subject of a bazillion words and about which I know next to nothing.

I sat down at my computer, opened my e-mail — and there was a message from a young woman to whom I’d been a mentor in the 90s through a school district program, but with whom I’d lost touch.

She’d found me and a way to contact me because of this blog.

Wow! My post on the soul may turn out to be misguided and even silly, but hey, I’m gonna keep blogging. Who knows what else may happen?

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Weekly No More….

For eight days in January, I thought I had breast cancer. My routine mammogram had shown a “questionable developing nodule,” and the doc wanted me to come back for more views.

When I got the “more views” call, my mind jumped over “questionable” and went straight to “developing nodule,” “nodule” being a six-letter word for the four-letter word “lump.”

As I waited for the follow-up testing, I planned who I would tell, and how, when the cancer was confirmed. I considered which commitments and responsibilities I would unload so I could proceed with my treatment regimen. I wondered how that regimen would differ from my first go-round with breast cancer not quite 20 years ago, when I had three surgeries, chemo, radiation and five years of tamoxifen, a drug which can keep hungry little breast cancer cells from getting the estrogen they need to multiply. I even flipped through the L.L.Bean catalog looking for tops with puffy fronts in case I became totally flat-chested.

I knew this kind of thinking was foolish, but it was irresistible. Continue reading


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Placeholder Post

As I was beginning to think about what to write for today’s post, my friend Karl asked if I planned to post the speech I’m giving tomorrow at the Institute of Qigong and Integrative Medicine’s 2013 Conference “Empower Yourself With Energy-Based Integrative Healthcare.”

I wasn’t—I’m planning to write about another conference presentation—but I realized my speech about why I do qigong would be just the right length and certainly an appropriate topic for a post. And it was already written!

Karl and I agreed that it would be a bit tacky to post my speech before giving it just because today is my regular post day—hence this placeholder post. I’ll post the actual speech tomorrow.

Its title: “What’s a Sensible Girl Like Me Doing at an Event Like This?”


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