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Napping the Daoist Way

Napping hands

Napping hands

Finally! A spiritual practice that requires no discipline, that is simply lovely, lovely, lovely!

I learned about Daoist Napping several weeks ago, at a retreat held by the Taoist Studies Institute (TSI) at its retreat center outside Seattle, and I have taken a nap every afternoon I could since then.

I never used to nap. If I was hit by a wave a fatigue in the afternoon, I would drink a cup of coffee or tea—which I’ll bet a lot of you do, too.

But a key element of qigong practice is listening to one’s body and tending to its needs—and not just as an isolated entity but in relationship to what’s going on around it, like the changing of the seasons.

The TSI retreat was held shortly after the autumn equinox, and it dealt with ways we can nourish ourselves as we settle in for fall and winter—ways like treating ourselves to restorative, Daoist-style naps.

Here’s how to nap the Daoist way, according to Harrison Moretz, TSI’s founder and executive director: Continue reading

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Tao/Dao, Heavy and Lite

In the Comments section below, my friend Karl takes me to task for last week’s post on The TAO of Journalism, where I wrote about having taken the TAO Pledge to be Transparent, Accountable and Open in this blog.

Describing himself as “a sometime journalist and a self-styled Taoist,” Karl says journalistic transparency, accountability and openness have nothing to do with the concept of “tao.” He doesn’t charge me or the Washington News Council with word abuse, but I think that’s the gist.

(Karl does like that the Wade-Giles spelling “tao” is being used instead of the official pinyin spelling “dao,” and he makes a thoughtful argument for use of Wade-Giles spellings for all Chinese spiritual terms—but that’s another subject.)

I have concluded that tao/dao is simply a word with more than one meaning, in Chinese and in English. There’s tao/dao “lite” and tao/dao “heavy.” Continue reading

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