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It Feels Sooooo Good…

I haven’t done much qigong lately—leastwise, not my Yi Ren home practice.

I was moving from a small house with a garage that made it possible never to say goodbye to anything, to a smaller condo with a wire cage in shared underground parking.

As I was buying and selling real estate and making all the decisions that moving in general and downsizing in particular entail, I cut myself a lot of slack.

My qigong practice was probably the last thing I should have let fall out of my schedule, but so many other things seemed like must-do-nows.

However, now that I’m resuming regular Yi Ren Qigong practice, it is just so delicious! My two practice sessions since moving have been deep and fulfilling.

Is feeling this good doing qigong again like feeling good when you go for a nice, long walk after being cooped up in the house because you’ve been sick—or is it more like having sex when you haven’t had sex for a long time?

In other words, have I developed a qigong drive?

Inquiring minds want to know….

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